Tuesday, 17 June 2014

AngryJoe E3 Conference 2014 Recap Vlog

Awesome, Joe put up his recap vlog, oh wait...it's missing a ton of information about the E3 events. Seems like Joe did this video at the crack of dawn and didn't put much effort into the video overall, just look at how it faded multiple times in the video because Joe probably noticed that he wasn't making sense and skipped those parts. Anyway Joe does make good and bad points during the video but didn't even cover most of the games revealed, I expected Joe to be a little more professional this time but as we all know it's just in his nature. I just can't Joe seriously anymore.
Rape face
Even though he brings up good points he still fails to give each company a proper score, he says good things about Microsoft and then says bad things about them after he talks about Sony again, he changes his opinion constantly throughout the video. He can't even keep a straight face, just look at how he's throwing his head and arms everywhere during the video, weirdly enough he admits that he took an empty can from a trash can...but wait it was a Sunset Overdrive can so that makes it alright. Imagine the smell from it when Joe reviews the game....just picture what it'll say on his epitaph.
Angry Joe: Picker of Bins
Just look at the scores he gave Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft - B
Sony - B Minus
Nintendo - B Plus

Notice how he had "MS E3 2014" anytime he mentioned a company, seems like he forgot to change it and uploaded the video anyway.
Oh snap, better than average scores, just notice how he gave them all a score in the B range. Joe won't accept half scores but he'll accept minus' and plus', double standards much. He even picked at the glow up in the dark arm bands that Microsoft gave out and complained about Sony's spokespeople  and their PlayStation TV but still gave them scores in the B range, even though Sony should have got at least a C Plus or average. He also stated that Nintendo won the show even though all their stuff is family orientated and not what the hardcore gamers want, something which Joe complains about when ranting on other companies but when it comes to Nintendo they get a free pass. Like Joe was ever known to be consistent, check back for when he uploads his interviews, I'll be covering them as well. In the meantime check out some comments below:
There was three Microsoft's because Joe's an idiot
It's because Joe mustn't have been paying enough attention
Has this guy ever heard of ego stroking
Did you even read his post
It's obvious that Joe hasn't played that much games, Mercenaries was an open world with full destruction and that was on the PS2 and Xbox 360
Well said
It's YouTube comments, what were you expecting?

That's it for this time, oh btw Joe broke up with his girfriend, I'll make a post about it later.

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