Sunday, 15 June 2014

Twitter Madness - 15/06/2014

Well this week Angry Joe went to E3, and what did he post when he got there, not much. He didn't even tweet a picture of him tripping like last year but what he did post was two pictures, one was an EA logo and the other was a Xbox logo...uhm yay. Anyway let's got down to business.

Now I know what address to sign up to porn sites so mail will get sent to Joe, nah just kidding
Awesome, an E3 video, though he did miss a couple of things but he said it was because he was tired
He better upload all his interviews no matter what the audio quality is like, we don't want a repeat of last year now do we
At least he put up his full list
That's what you get for being unprepared
Maybe Joe should sleep first and do video's later, then he wouldn't mess up
That's what you get for booking a shitty hotel
This was when he left for E3

There was a bunch of tweets from Joe when he was at E3 and if you want to see them got to his twitter feed, there was far too much to post here. Anyway here's to some great interviews.

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