Monday, 9 June 2014

Watch Dogs Angry Review

Well it's about time, and boy does Joe deliver. He hits all the marks perfectly and gives the game a proper score of a 7/10. Joe has outdone himself this time and I hope it'll stay this way, though in the meantime he'll be at E3 so don't expect the next review anytime soon. Luckily he'll be at E3 so he'll probably get us some juicy interviews to watch so I wish him luck there. I only wish he took more time explaining Watch Dogs multiplayer, he talks about it for under a minute and should have went into more detail, that's my only complaint this time, now onto the comments.

He  probably didn't notice because he didn't play the multiplayer much
He's gotta point there
Does this even need an explanation
True, so did Joe even play the other bits since they didn't show it on twitch, or did he read other peoples reviews and make his own as usual...cough cough...Titanfall (Who said that)

That's it for this time, you know the rest.

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