Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Angry Interview E3 2014

Well it seems that Joe has finally done a video on the Call of Duty franchise, but sadly he screwed this interview big time by asking the wrong questions and getting owned in the end by the developers.

What he did right:
  • Tried to talk about multiplayer
  • Tried to get them to talk about the story

What he did wrong:
  • Asked how long the game was
  • Got owned by the developers
  • Went into Interview unprepared
  • Tried to talk about a game series he hasn't or has played very little of
  • Was clearly nervous taking to developers
  • Mentioned that he was "Call of Dutied out"
Joe did really bad in this interview and it just shows when the developers started making fun of him by saying that Kevin Spacey has played more Call of Duty than Joe. Anyway onto the comments, I tried to get good ones but I searched for a long time and could only get these, enjoy.

Has Call of Duty ever stated how long their campaigns have been before release?
Would you rather hear to answer we all already know?
Very bad interview from Joe, easily one of the worst he's ever done
This guy must have his beer googles on

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