Thursday, 12 June 2014

AngryJoe Smite Tournament - Final Practice Round!

AngryJoe Smite Tournament - Final Practice Round!

Now ain't that a shit eating grin
Another goddamn smite video, I don't know what the hell he see's in these type of games but he's clearly gone insane by watching too much Superman porno's. Anyway shitty, long, boring, drawn-out video, so don't watch it. Though do watch the vlog part at the start since it's the only interesting thing of worth that Joe has to say, also he can't even show the Pewdiepie battle, you'll have to go watch another video to do that, what's wrong with Joe posting his own version like he did with Guns of Icarus. Anyway comments time:

I like this guy's opinion
I know, we'll all just have to jump into the surrounding sea of shitty internet reviewers
Someone needs to make a t-shirt of this
I know, we all know
Typical Joefag response, also learn to spell
It's just in his nature

That's it for this time, also even Irate Gamer has got his E3 video's up already and we've got nothing from Joe, just saying that even someone like the Irate Gamer beat Joe to the punch, that's just how lazy he is.

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