Sunday, 1 June 2014

Twitter Madness - 01/06/2014

Twitter Madness - 01/06/2014

Well it seems we have a reason for Angry Joe's week long drought, he had to deal with family stuff. I understand that this took a lot of time away from his online activities, but if he had time to do live streams and post on social networks he should've had time to at least post a video from said live streams. Anyway I'm not as lazy as Joe so I'll make a post about "Angry Joe and Feminism" later, now onto what little he did post in the last week.

At least he said what was taking his time unlike some reviewers, cough cough Spoony One
Not Joe it doesn't look cool, it's a simple copy and paste job just from looking at the trailer
This is really funny, check it out
Joe talking about Watch Dogs, he was streaming it but didn't upload anything to YouTube
Joe's still not prepared for E3 even though he had months in advance
He got his review copy on the 27 May, let's see how long until he puts up his review
I know this isn't much but look forward to my next post about Joe, "Angry Joe and Feminism".

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