Thursday, 26 June 2014

Evolve - Angry Interview E3 2014

Just what is wrong with Joe these days? I mean seriously, he had time before interviews to get his questions straight but still fumbles during interviews. Do he even care how the Internets seeing him 

What he did right:
  • Asked about enemy types (Seriously, every question he asked was generic as f$ck!)

What he did wrong:
  • Didn't ask about Split-Screen Support
  • Kept cutting off the guy
  • Mentioned Colonial Marines for some reason
  • Made developer nervous
  • Asked stupid questions
  • Mentioned Cthulhu
Now let's look at some comments:

Yeah right, what skills?
I know, doing interviews is totally selling out
Everything about Joe is amateurish, just look at the way he acts during interviews and how he makes his videos
Agreed, Joe's looking like a dumbass shifting it about

That's it for now, next up is the community update video which Joe forgot to do / didn't care about.

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