Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Battlefield Hardline - Angry Interview E3 2014

A solid interview from Joe this time, it's good that Joe is getting around to the FPS games for interviews at E3. The guy Joe was interviewing is called "Thaddeus Sasser", it's time to name and shame.

What he did right:
  • Mentioned Battlefield 4 being a disappointment
  • Tried to talk about the story
  • Talked about how the survivalist class was over powered
  • Mentioned the net code
  • Asked if there will be 64 player battles (they said yes, what are they thinking?)

What he did wrong:
  • Didn't say it looks like a re-skin
  • Joe wasn't assertive enough
Other than that he did great in this one, oh look comments:

Yeah it's good that Joe asked the hard questions that devs don't like answering
Thaddeus Sasser looks like a serial killer in the making
Yeah, he did great
That's EA for you
You'll probably see him in America's most wanted in a years time

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