Sunday, 1 June 2014

01-06-2014 Angry Joe and Feminism

Is this not the look of a man who has been banned from many porn stores and a great sex offender registry mug shot.

You may not remember but months ago Angry Joe jumped onto the feminism bandwagon, even last year he was talking like he was a feminist. But the truth is that he's a hypocrite and probably doesn't even understand the term feminism or hypocrite. I'll point a time or two when he was acting like a feminist defending women in video games or getting upset about it either in his videos or on the web.

Remember back when he did his "Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2013" video, when he started talking about Anita Sarkeesian he got really defense about the portrayal of women in video games, this coming from a guy who shouts "Ass and titties" constantly during his Metro 2033 review.
Just look at the angle he takes when talking about whole Anita Sarkeesian situation, his opinion is just ridiculous, he clearly doesn't understand anything about her or what specially people have said about her. He just criticizes all the people who said bad shit or threaten her and not criticizing her opinions which are just
hypocritical, stupid and fraudulent. Joe just retorts to saying that "this isn't about her taking our porn away", just look at what Joe said, is he even a gamer? Does he even know anything about the portrayal of women in video games? I say no because right here Joe just comes off as an idiot who has no clue about what the hell he's talking about.

This pretty much sums up why Joe is wrong
Take a look at this image from some guys on Dead Horse Interchangeable.
Proves my point
But this is just scratching the paint of it all because Joe has stated that he likes "sexy women" in video games numerous times in many of his reviews, just look at his reaction in the Soul Caliber review, priceless, right?


  1. This blog does not even discuss the problems with sexist portrayals in video games, and just more shallow bashing

    Ps Confused Matthew sucks
    1. It's about Angry Joe being a hypocrite. Not sexist portrayal of woman in video game which is just idiotic.

      Woman are half naked, or naked, so fucking what? There is a strip club in the game so therefore it means woman are background object that's fucking retarded, too many shit to talk about, either way fuck this bullshit.

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