Saturday, 14 June 2014

AngryJoe at E3 2014 - Submit your Questions!

 Well this is a nice little video that Joe put out, to the point and informative. He explains the interviews and events that he'll be attending though he'll only be uploading the interviews, which is unfortunate but understandable. He should really branch out at an event like this and film a lot more instead of just the interviews which are serviceable though we all expect more from Joe, even if he is a one man team. Though it seems Joe can't even pronounce the word Mordor correctly

Though where is his Edge of Tomorrow Review, he still hasn't put it back up. Probably waiting to put it up after his E3 video's no doubt, even though all he has to do is removed the copyrighted clips from the movie.
See what questions people asked below:

Nice question covering a lot of different things, good job
Exactly, the combat was like something from LOTR Conquest
That's exactly what I want to know
I don't think he ever is
Whoa, why would you even want to know that, are you making molds or something?
I don't think they'll ever release it in English ever again
I don't think he'll be allowed to ask about the downgrade, though the new Rainbow Six better be good
Well that's it for now, Twitter Madness tomorrow.

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