Friday, 27 June 2014

AJSA June Community Update!

It took Joe months to put out this video, even though all he's been doing is playing with himself the whole time. His reason for the delay is simple, he doesn't care! If he actually cared he would have put out the video when he said he would, instead he waited until the last moment before E3 to film it and he only got around to uploading it now even though E3 was weeks ago. Just goes to show you that even Joe doesn't give a shit about his "Angry Army" or his fanbase. You fail!
What was he thinking releasing this video in this form, it's full of what should be bloopers and him asking off screen what to say because he couldn't remember what games they were supporting. I don't know what to think of Joe anymore because this year has just plummeted his down into the dumps, just look at what people say in the comments section and how many watch his video's now. It's a shame because Joe was once a voice for the community and now he's just some chump wanting to be the next PewDiePie.

Well Joe doesn't have a girlfriend anymore so that's a possibility
Yeah, Joe's glory days are way past him
Joe's become the exact thing he despised
Wait, What!? When did this happen?
Exactly, Joe needs to get back on track
That's it for now, I've still gotta watch more of the interviews so you'll see those posts when I do them, later days.

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