Friday, 20 June 2014

20-06-2014 Destiny - Angry Interview E3 2014

Okay, from the get go it's clear that Angry Joe is not in control of this interview. Just look at how the other guy is taking control, he's the one telling Joe about the game and not Joe getting to ask the questions he wants to. That's just what happens when you deal with a pro with many years of experience with interviews, you get owned, anyway onto how Joe preformed.

What he did right:
  • Mentioned the games economy system
  • Mentioned clan support
  • Mentioned timed exclusive PlayStation content
  • Mentioned possible PC port
  • Talked about beta test for those who haven't pre-ordered the game
  • Asked guy about adding guns to transport bikes

What he did wrong:
  • Showboated the Angry Army
  • Didn't mention game modes
  • Didn't mention constant online connection needed
  • Let the other guy take control of the interview
  • Didn't mention weapons, enemies or maps

Overall it was interesting to hear about the game, I actually learned some new stuff about the game from watching the video. It's just Joe needs to be the center of the interview and not let people take over his video's, I hope Joe learns from this experience. Now onto the comments section:

Agreed, major asshole
We'll have to wait and see now won't we
Joe does that a lot, he always fidgeting
That's it for now, I'll do a post on the others when I see them.


  1. Dude get a life and stop wasting time hating on one person. What is the reason behind all this shit? Did Joe kill your pet or something.

    I'm honestly in shock at how someone could use their time to create all these post. If it's to get people to hate on Joe you're failing miserably and judging by the empty comment sections not one person agrees with you. You must be fucked in the head.
    1. This coming from the guy who stylizes himself after an anime character.

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