Sunday, 8 June 2014

AJS Vlog & Smite Tourney Vs PewDiePie!

Really Joe, Smite...Again. He already did a video about this game months back, and now he's putting up another one...but wait it's got the supreme being that is PewDiePie in it. Oh wait it doesn't, anyway even including his name in the video's title is either gonna be a turn off or a turn on, I'd hate the see the face of the "turned on" viewer.
Average PieDiePie fan and Angry Joe fan
All the stupidity aside, you should really only watch the first four minutes of the video as that's all you need to hear from Joe about what's happening on the show. Basically he's being lazy again and says the review will be coming soon, oh wait it won't because he said on his twitter it'll probably be coming out after he comes back from E3, why did he say that again...just more failed promises as usual. First Infamous, then Wolfenstein and now Watch Dogs, anyone seeing a pattern here. Anyway the smite portion of the video is not very entertaining as you'll just fall asleep from boredom from watching it, just watch the vlog bit and skip the rest, alright. Comments as usual below:
Another fine Patriot
I think his brains are made of shit not potatoes
Keep up the good fight brother
Just look at the response the Joe "dickriders" give to the poster, total assholes
You can tell people care when they form great opinions, people like this guy are what we need more of.
That's it for this post, tomorrow I'll do a post about his movie review and the weekly twitter madness.

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