Sunday, 22 June 2014

Twitter Madness - 22/06/2014

Well it's been a busy week for Joe, it seems that editing simple interviews has taken it's toll on his as he waited a couple of days before releasing the next batch. At least he's releasing them and not uploading half on them like last years E3, we can at least give him that.

A video months in the making, that or he forgot about it. Oh, hey, look Tons of Fun is back, been ages since we've seen him.

It seems Joe's pushing for Steam these days
Exactly, Joe mustn't get around to much open world games
Nice one
Your right on this one Joe
Agree with some of this but Joe contradicts this buy letting the developers talk about during his interviews, hypocrite
That's alright Joe, family comes first
That's it for this time, check back for more Angry Joe criticism.

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