Monday, 23 June 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition - Angry Interview E3 2014

 What he did right:
  • Asked about how open world the game is
  • Asked about characters from other games returning
  • Talked about the games endings
  • Mentioned combat and tactical options
  • Let the developer talk

What he did wrong:
  • Mentioned the games length
  • Didn't ask about importing save data from previous games
  • Didn't mention time exclusive xbox one content
  • Didn't ask if your character talks
  • Didn't ask if you get to choose your race

That's about it, if I missed anything just leave a comment and it'll be added, anyway take a look at a couple comments below. That's it for now.

Think fallout 3 endings
Joe needs an Energy drink
Joe's never been good with names

That's it, see you on the flip side.

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